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Containers are long-lasting and high-comfort prefabricated construction products that can be manufactured quickly without the need for welding, can be assembled quickly after the ground survey of the desired location is made, and are mostly preferred by users who want to gain time and competitiveness. Containers, which can also be disassembled, save space during the transportation process and provide transportation to the area where more containers will be installed at the same time. Since more products can be sent in international and domestic long-distance transportation operations, this type of container is preferred more. Container models are designed with more care and security in the computer. During production, it is at the forefront to increase the safety by using the nut-bolt system with the logic of interlocking instead of welding. This is also of great importance in terms of sealing and insulation. Since containers can be produced and developed according to needs, electrical, mechanical and water installation processes can be adjusted and developed appropriately during the projecting phase. The air intake points of the containers are doors and windows. At these points, panel systems should be used to prevent foreign elements such as rain, snow, dust, soil from entering the container. By placing extra metal products on the subfloors of the containers, their carrying capacity has been increased and the shaking rate in the container has been reduced to zero. It can be developed in many areas and its working area is very wide. Some of our structures that are in production and that we can develop are as follows:

  • Emergency Disaster Building
  • IT Office
  • Hangar
  • Office
  • Mosque
  • Security Cabinets
  • School
  • Health Centers
  • shower enclosures
  • Dorm
  • Dining hall
  • Wc Container

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