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Curiosity what you did

The advantages of prefabricated houses are quite high, but since their awareness is low, there are many questions that people wonder about their features. We have listed the information you are curious about in order to gain knowledge and awareness about prefabricated houses.

  1. What is the difference between prefabricated and steel structures? The most obvious difference between prefabricated structures and steel structures is the framework. In light steel structures, the entire framework is built with steel, while in prefabricated structures, steel joint elements are used in load-bearing columns and beams as required by statics.
  2. A prefabricated house is a type of house in which the walls, doors and all other parts are manufactured in a factory and then assembled on the site where the house will be built. No foundation is required for the construction of prefabricated houses. These houses usually have one or two floors. Prefabricated houses, have many advantages, are sound and heat insulated just like other houses. They also have electrical installation and a sewage system.
  3. Prefabricated houses suitable for all seasons can be built. Thanks to the appropriate heat and sound insulation, you can be comfortable in your prefabricated house in all seasons.
    You can move to prefabricated houses whose assembly is completed in a very short time. Prefabricated houses, are assembled very quickly and are ready for use quickly, they are the first choice for those who want to get away from city life as soon as possible. The prefabricated house is completed within 15 days after the official procedures are completed. On average, it takes one to two years to complete a concrete house.
    Another advantage of pre-production houses is their resistance to earthquakes. The structure of the PVC and steel mixed materials used in their construction is flexible and light. Because they are made of very light materials, prefabricated houses are not a problem in earthquakes.
    It is also quite noteworthy that it is a type of house that you can design completely to your own liking. You choose the size of your house, how many floors it will be, whether it will have a balcony or not, based on your own preference from a variety of models.
    If you are thinking of choosing a pre-designed project, you can do a project very quickly as there are many pre-designed projects available at the manufacturers.
    Another advantage of these type of houses is that they are environment friendly. Prefabricated houses are made using water-resistant and fireproof materials.
    Unlike concrete houses, it is quite easy to make changes to the house.
    You can shift or move the portable prefabricated houses a certain amount for some changes.
    Its economic advantage is another advantage that should not be ignored. Compared to concrete houses, it is quite affordable.
  4. Prefabricated structures are produced with 1st degree earthquake conditions in mind. Since the building elements are connected to each other with screws and bolts, the collapse of the structure during an earthquake is prevented due to the flexibility of the structure.
  5. In steel structures, the entire framework serves as the carrier system and 0.5-1.5 mm thick galvanized steel is used. Heavy steel structures are more preferred in industrial buildings with large openings. Light steel structures are made of structural steel and are more commonly used in residential villa-style buildings.
  6. Steel structures are 100-110 years and prefabricated structures are about 60-70 years.

  7. In our steel structures, as insulation material, we use double layer of rock wool on exterior walls and single layer on interior walls. On the interior, paint is used on double layer drywall and 12 mm thick Taşonit® (Stone Pattern Board) is used for exterior cladding. 

    In our prefabricated buildings, 16 density eps insulation is used. 8mm fibercement is used on the interior and exterior walls.
  8. Our prices are project based, not m² based. For each project, a different cost calculation is made.
  9. Prefabricated structures consist of press panel systems. Internal and external coating is made of 8mm thick betopan and internal insulation is 8 cm thick and has 16 density eps. The exterior walls are designed to be 10 cm and the interior walls are 6 cm. The carrier systems are made of galvanized steel, which we call H. Every 125 cm, a carrier system and roof trusses on these carrier systems are planned. Glass wool insulation is used in the roof space. corrugated steel sheet is applied as roof covering.

    Steel structures consist of a 14 cm exterior wall and a 9 cm interior wall. On the exterior walls, double layer rock wool insulation is used and on the interior walls single layer. Upon request of the customer, boardex, Taşonit®, wood pattern fibercement, tile stone ...etc. are used as covers on the moisture barrier on the exterior wall. Paint or wallpaper is applied on double layer drywall on interior walls. Glass wool insulation is used in the roof space. Trapeze, shingle, metal tile etc. are applied on osb membrane as roof covering.
  10. Delivery time is between 4-6 days for prefabricated structures and 15-20 days for steel structures.
  11. The following are included in the prefabricated building we make as advanced rough delivery. Prefabricated building materials (Wall units, Joint elements, Ceiling cladding, Ceiling insulation and Roof covering, Exterior and Interior doors, windows, transoms and installation of windows, interior and exterior paint, installation of electrical and water installations in the building, installation of lamps, sockets, switches and supply of fittings), assembly of the prefabricated building.

    In the buildings we work on turnkey basis, apart from the advanced rough assembly, laminate flooring, wet floor ceramics, kitchen cabinet and vitrified group are also completed by our company.
  12. Yes, we ship to 81 provinces.
  13. They are prefabricated light steel structures. All products that make up the structure (wall units, roof and coatings, ceiling cladding, doors, windows and electrical installations, interior-exterior paint) are completed in the factory and shipped to the region where the structure will be assembled by professional teams.
Steel House Advantages

Steel House Advantages

The design of steel houses can be put into practice directly, so users can find examples exactly as they want.

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